The Anonygo Daily

We started the day with a Hello in different languages.

Today was Bulgaria’s National Day. Anonygoers all over the country shared their national pride by posting some flags.

Честит Празник (57) -Lesovo, Bulgaria
Честит празник Българи Юнаци! -Plovdiv, Bulgaria
today is the Bulgarian national day! Happy -Sofia, Bulgaria

One image in particular caught our eye. The image uploaded from Belene proved to be antisemitic and anti west. The image shows a six headed beast. The necks of beast has the flag of different western countries (Italy, Germany, USA, France, UK, and Canada). The body of the beast has a star of David and a money sign. The beast is about to engage in battle with two heroes (donned with the Russian and Bulgarian flags respectively). What are your thoughts on this image?

!!! Nomer:132 -Belene, Bulgaria

In other news, Frieda the cat finally got her close up in Hamburg, Germany and some shows were being shot in Secaucus, New Jersey.

I love Frieda! Finally she stood still and my zoom works great ? - Hamburg
Telemundo being shot -Secaucus. New Jersey
Fios 1 show being shot -Secaucus. New Jersey

Varna made some interesting finds.

pretty random -Varna, Bulgaria
burn -Varna, Bulgaria
A clown -Varna, Bulgaria

Someone’s boyfriend expressed his love in Bulgaria, the popo lurked in the Bronx, and nature gifted us with a rainbow.

Popo in disguise -Bronx, New York
love cake from my boyfriend ? -Dobrich, Bulgaria
Magic in nature -Ferrara, Italy