You’re probably reading this on your cell phone or computer screen in your home or office space. You don’t think twice about sitting down at your desk or making a phone call on your phone, or going home to a warm plate of food or a comfy bed to sleep in. We are so used to taking these things for granted that we don’t realize that it may be a luxury for many people.

Being charitable is a good trait to have any time of the year, but during the holiday season it is of the utmost important. It is a time for people to pull together to appreciate what they have and to help out the less fortunate. You might be thinking why on Earth should you give your hardworking money to someone who will probably use it to buy liquor as soon as you turn your back? It’s a valid question, one many people ask and debate about. But the dollar you give someone might just be enough to save his life, and isn’t that more important than wondering about the evil deeds they may do with it?

If you are weary about giving money out to the homeless, there a number of ways in which you can give back to the community by only giving your time. Even though it’s the season of receiving, it’s also more importantly the season of giving. Here are a few ways in which you can focus on being charitable in your community this holiday season:

Donate Food

What does it take of you to take a disposable container to your local shelter or street corner and fill a tummy for the day? If you aren’t keen on making the food yourself, get involved with a soup kitchen. These take an hour or two of your time, max.

Donate Clothing

The holiday season happens to be coldest few months in the northern hemisphere and many people are without proper, insulated clothing. The next time you go shopping for you winter wardrobe, take those old items you wanted to throw away and take it down to a shelter.

Volunteer Your Profession

A great way to help those in need is to offer your professional services. If you’re a qualified therapist, offer your help to homeless veterans. If you’re a school teacher, help those to start reading and writing. These things might even help them find jobs in the long run, thus strengthening the economy.

Involve Your Company

If you are lucky enough to be an entrepreneur, or if you can convince your superiors, involve them in your quest to help the homeless. Host fundraisers, make donations to shelters, or start programs in which you train or employ homeless people.

Educate the Community

The most important step in helping the homeless is aiming to understand their position. Educate those in and around your community and hold public forums in which you discuss possible solutions. This will not only bring the community together, but also initiate a team effort when it comes to giving back.

Follow these suggestions and give back this holiday season. Who knows, giving might actually make you happier than receiving. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all.

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