On July 13, Snapchat released an update that deviated from its ephemeral foundation. With the latest installment of “Memories” users can now save snap stories to the cloud and and reupload them at any time as well as upload photos from your camera roll to your snap story . Snapchat writes “memories is a new way to save a personal collection of your favorite snaps and stories” but there is nothing “new” about memories. Since you can upload pictures from your camera roll, it removes the authenticity and real time proponent that users love. Without an emphasis on ephemeral messages, Snapchat isn’t much different from Instagram. In a previous update Snaphat implemented ads that were previously regulated to the Discover tab, in between users personal stories. Snapchat’s trajectory isn’t new, it seems like whenever a popular app needs to monetize, the users get the short end of the stick. Saving stories to Snapchat’s servers allows Snapchat to view and hold users content for an extended period of time. It remains to be seen the privacy implications but it’s obvious that this is jab against user privacy. Since the latest update, Snapchat’s rating is a solid 2.5/5. One user writes “I really hate memories. Please fix like literally right now.” Yes Snapchat, like literally.

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