Pokemon Go is the latest app that is taking the world by storm. Geeks and nerds alike are rejoicing in their quest to catch ’em all. The game has been downloaded on 5 percent of Android devices (iOS numbers have not yet been released) but you get it, the app is hit! The game involves people physically walking already in order to find nearby Pokemons, the more you walk the more Pokemon you’re likely to find. Of course there are more bells and whistles, including Pokestops (which real world businesses are starting to capitalize on the extra foot traffic brought on by the app) and Pokemon gyms. Many people have shared stories of the game helping them make friends and connecting people of all ages. However, Pokemon Go isn’t all fun and games. This post notes that black men could become a target by roaming around looking for Pokemon in neighborhoods by which they’re not welcomed. Moreover this game also raises some serious privacy concerns. In order to play the game you must sign in using your Google Account as the game uses Google Maps to track where you are and notify you of surrounding Pokemons.

A quick glance of the app settings on iOS shows that the app only accesses your location “while using” which is more considerate than apps that use your location all the time.Photo Jul 11, 1 58 02 PM

But who needs your location all the time when you will be exposing your location throughout the day? They practically have your location all the time especially if you’re a serious gamer. There’s no other way to say it but Pokemon Go is a surveillance mechanism. With such a large segment of the population (mainly millennials) sharing their whereabouts at all times, that’s a significant amount of information. Data that can be used in numerous ways, one of the most obvious being third-party marketing. Other use case being to surveil your activities, find out who you interact with, read your emails, etc. It remains to be seen what will be done with all this data but maybe you should be more cautious about signing up to catch ’em all. Pokemon Go is a no-go from us at Anonygo.

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