7B82D83A-6456-4EFB-A0DF-839579C0A302Moin! You know you have arrived in Hamburg when people start saluting you with a cheerful “Moin” – no matter the time of day. This famous greeting can be used in the morning, at noon, and in the evening and is as firmly anchored in Hamburg as the huge container vessels in its harbor. Speaking of, no visit to the maritime world city would be complete without a boat trip starting from “Landungsbrücken” and taking you around one of Europe’s biggest ports. There is no better way to experience the imposing character of this Hanseatic trade center than by looking up the gigantic containerships and majestic ocean liners from up close.

A9E00840-587F-426A-A4FB-BDD2FABFEEFFWhen people think of Germany, places like Berlin and Munich most often come to mind. That said, Hamburg is the second largest city in the country and the maritime capital of the north. It is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In fact, did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than any other city in the world and more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined? The city is practically surrounded by water on all sides. An absolute must-visit for those who love the charming ambience of water, ships and harbor.

Make your stay all the more memorable by strolling around the historical “Speicherstadt” and encounter the impressive scenery of the world’s largest single complex of traditional brick warehouses separated by narrow waterways, known as the “Fleets”. This is the place where merchants once traded spices, tea, and coffee. The city of Hamburg is a striking combination of history and tradition and the forefront of modernity at the same time. While on one side surrounded by grand corner buildings from the 17th century, you won’t be far from contemporary constructions like “HafenCity” or “Elbphilharmonie”. EE3B68D1-8E86-40CC-A6C2-01D313AA10D4“HafenCity” is a great inner-city construction project with cutting-edge architecture in the middle of the commercial “Überseequartier”. This complex stretches all the way down to the boulevard and opens up a world of urban discovery and shopping. As for the “Elbphilharmonie”, this is a concert hall, world-renowned for its construction on top of an old warehouse building.

Despite its unpredictable weather (seriously, you will experience all four seasons within one day – repeatedly), there are a number of reasons why the typically reserved locals find it hard to hide their love for their home city – and so will you!

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