Our anonymous reporters give us their take on this hidden travel gem:

It has been 3 weeks now since we arrived in this beautiful province of Antalya, in the south of Turkey. We arrived by ferry in Fetiye, a beautiful little town on the south coast. There, you can see the most precious sailboats strolling in the turquoise sea around little mountainy islands.
Before planning to come here, we had only heard of Istanbul and Ankara, the two biggest and popular cities in Turkey. Antalya was unknown terrain for us…

Now that we have been here for almost a month, we are very glad we chose to visit this hidden Turkish gem. While most tourists visit one of the two big cities in the north of Turkey, the southern part is ‘untouched’. There are few travellers around, and it feels more personal and intimate – no mass tourism!

When we arrived in Fethiye, we hoped on a taxi that took us a bit in land, to a small mountain village named Saribelen. Here, we are volunteering at a home where the owner takes care of stray dogs down in the Kalkan area, which is more known to tourists. We wake up every day with astonishing views of the Saribelen valley. We are located only 20km from the coast, where you can find several tiny yet interesting seaside towns.

Antalya, the city itself, counts 1.5 million inhabitants and is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is definitely worth a visit!
So if you are looking to stay in a visually stunning area with beautiful mountains, walk through adorable villages and swim in water so clear you can see your own shadow at the bottom, you should definitely come discover Antalya and its surroundings! 

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