‘Tis the season! No we’re not talking about the holiday season, we’re talking about cuffing  season. Cuffing season is that time of year when it’s so cold outside,  you start a relationship just to avoid loneliness. Yes everyone (except you) will be falling in “love” this winter, your best friends, fleas, dogs, amoebas, etc. While summer is the optimal time to have a series of flings, nomances, and short-lived romances. Winter calls for a change in behavior. Folks don’t go out as much so you can’t be on the prowl for a new, better love interest. It’s best you phone that girl or guy (that you don’t really like) put on some netflix and chill. The number one rule of cuffing season is “DO NOT CATCH FEELINGS!” Because when the spring equinox kicks in and winter is over, it’s safe to go back outside and search for true love. With that said, a brief moment of silence is in order for the singles that will be cuddled up with absolutely no one. If you’re a single person who’s dreading the cold weather woes, here’s a few things you can do to survive cuffing season:

  1. Die

  2. Read lots of books

  3. Tinder profusely

  4. Buy a boyfriend or girlfriend pillow (this is a serious thing)

  5. Stay off the internet so you never have to see happy couples

  6. Netflix and chill by yourself  ?

  7. Develop a skill

  8. Go to the gym

  9. Fall in love with yourself (you’ll spend most of your life alone anyway)

  10. Live your life and have fun

If you don’t feel like doing any of that, then grab some ice cream, download Anonygo, check out these swoon worthy couples (and a few triads), and cry about it . Your time will come. Also, Pizza is bae.

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