Anonygoings of the week

We had some pretty views on the feed this week from all over.

- Rosengarten, Germany
-Gdynia, Poland
-Eilat, Israel
- Salt Lake City, Utah

Stonewall Inn was named a national monument by President Obama and some people played soccer in a mall in Vienna.

- Vienna, Austria
There it is - New York, New York


- Antalya, Turley
#anonymom - Kitchener, Canada
-Rosengarten, Germany
- Antalya, Turkey
Going for a swim before being dinner - Great Baddow, United Kingdom

This picture received the most comments of the week.  Things must not be going so well in Britain after #brexit. People are eating mice!

Birthday candles - Rosengarten, Germany

Someone in Germany celebrated a birthday and the U.S stood in solidarity with Turkey after the recent Istanbul airport attack.

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