10 interesting facts about Vienna

Business Insider named Vienna the top city with the best quality of life and Anonygoers can see exactly why.

For anyone visiting Vienna waltzes and music are perhaps the first things that spring to mind with the Blue Danube almost certainly being the most famous pieces of music. Vienna is often called “the city of music” being home to some of the most well-known and much loved composers that Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms.

Vienna is a very classy city and not that the Austrian capital is particularly famous for funfairs and amusement parks it could be considered that Vienna is the mother of such places because the city is home to the world’s oldest carousel in the world’s oldest amusement park. A well-known sight for many is the Vienna Prater Amusement park that has been used as a location in many well-known movies. This, if anywhere in Vienna is well worth a visit.

On top of having the world’s oldest amusement park Vienna has another “world’s oldest” and there are very few cities in the world where one can visit so many oldest in the world. Located in the grounds of the famous Schonbrunn Palace the Tiergarten Schonbrunn is the oldest Zoo in the world, a wonderful place to visit with special night excursions being a huge favourite with visitors.

Look at the markets!

Viennese food is a real brand. The city has the only cuisine in the world named after a city. Viennese food is heavily dependent on meat and perhaps the most well-known dish is the Wiener Schnitzel.

Most people associate wine regions as being warm and sunny which is something Vienna is not that well known for. But, Vienna believe it or not is known as a wine city with over 640 local wine farmers in and around city producing over 2.5 million litres of exceptionally fine quality wine. When eating out in Vienna any meal is made better with a glass of fine wine.

With music, wine and food all being part of Vienna it will come as no surprise that Vienna is a city where dancing is popular. Vienna is probably the number one city in the world when comes to the hosting of balls. The city hosts more than 300 balls each year with the majority of them being held between January and March

Look at all the FOOD!

Cemeteries have become visitor attractions in their own right. Vienna’s central cemetery has become one of the most well-visited cemeteries in Europe. With a massive 2.5 million tombs which considering that the population of Vienna is a mere 1.8 million means Vienna is home to more dead people than alive.

The many balls are hosted throughout the city and another fact about the city of Vienna is that is has 23 districts and the main city center is a world heritage site.

One very strange fact that not many people will not know about the city of Vienna is that not only is it called the City of Music it is also called the City of Dreams. It is called so not because dreams come true but because the city is the birthplace of Psychotherapy.

So many facts about Vienna make it a place for a very modern vacation, experiencing the old combined with the new and there is no doubt only one gift one could buy as a memento of Vienna. That one gift is a snow globe, and even though it may seem a little kitsch or even tacky for once you can buy it and hold your head up high, because Vienna is where the very first snow globe was made.

Vienna, a city in the heart of Europe, easy to get to, fantastic to stay in and a place where a certain romance can always be found.

Just look at Vienna!

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